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Established 2010

About Us

K.Lakshmidevi & Co is a firm located in the northern state of Kedah, Malaysia in the district of Kulim. Our firm is a sole proprietorship established in the year 2010 focusing on several key areas of law and legal advisory practice. Our firm has distinguished itself in its commitment to high standards of professionalism and integrity. We deliver prompt professional and cost effective services and our legal practice is at the cutting edge of legal technology. We strive to deliver our expertise in law through an ethical and caring approach to our clients and you will know  your legal cost upfront.

Our Practices

We handle various aspects of your legal needs while you have the privilege to deal directly with our lawyer. We provide counsel and solicitors services in respect of disputes, potential disputes and advisory assistance.

Our Field of Practice Includes:

  • Sale & Purchase Agreement of Individual and Commercial Properties

  • Conveyance of Properties By Way of Love and Affection

  • Banking and Finance Documentation

  • Drafting various types of contracts including Tenancy, Business, Partnership, Building & Construction 
  • Contractual Disputes Resulting in Litigation
  • Landlord and Tenant Disputes
  • Insurance related Disputes
  • Family Law  & Adoption
  • Drafting of Employment Contracts & HR Policies

  • Industrial Court Disputes

  • Judicial Review

  • Land Disputes
  • Personal Injury & Fatal Accident Claims
  • Equity & Trust
  • Bankruptcy,Winding Up & Other Execution
  • Drafting of Wills
  • Small Estate Distribution
  • Extracting Probate and LA
  • Penal Code Offences

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Lakshmidevi Karithikeyan

Founder & Sole Proprietor

  • k.lakshmidevi.co@gmail.com
  • LL B (Hons) University of London
  • Certificate of Legal Practice, University of Malaya
  • Admitted as an Advocate & Solicitor of the High Court of Malaya in 1997

Lakshmidevi Karithikeyan was called to the Malaysian Bar in 1997 upon completion of her pupillage with the late Mr.N.Shanmuham of Shan & Gooi, whom she considers a privilege to have worked with where she realized her passion for the profession. She began her career in a small branch office in Kulim until 2009, before setting up her own private practice in 2010. 

Mrs Lakshmdevi over the years of her diligent practice as a compassionate lawyer, has grown graciously in her field of expertise. Her credibility and vast experience in the field of law has led her to appearing in High Courts up to the Court of Appeal dealing with matters ranging from labor law, industrial dispute, contractual litigation and judicial review. Guided by her Master who believes that learning occurs by observation, led her to develop courage towards her practice, wide ranging from labor law to industrial practice.

Our team

We attribute our success to our team of senior staffs Ganneswary Shanmugam and Rajindar Kaur Hari Singh whose knowledge, expertise, experience, skill and dedication contributes to our success in serving our clients better.

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Ganneswary Shanmugam

I started my career as a clerical staff in the year 1996 in Kulim,Kedah and I have gained knowledge by way of practice and experience which helps me perform my duties more efficiently to serve the clients who come to us.


I started my career in the year 1995 in Kulim, Kedah and I was exposed to banking litigation and many other litigation related work which helped improve my knowledge and develop experience in the current areas of law practiced in this firm.

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  • Pupillage
  • Internship

Pupillage is the final stage of training to be an Advocate & Solicitor. During this time we put into practice everything we have learnt this far hence we welcome talents with good interpersonal skills and willingness to learn to realize their passion and values.

Law students should apply when you have obtained the relevant professional qualification.Students from other areas of studies are encouraged to apply for Internships.

Kindly send your resume to k.lakshmidevi.co@gmail.com and include your educational background,academic results to date, extra curricular activities,work experience,language proficiencies and a recent passport sized photograph.

Shortlisted candidates will be invited for interviews. Interviews via Skype can also be arranged. Please send in your application together with curriculum vitae by email.

our Alumnis

Nurul Solehah

For others, chambering period was the most disaster period they encountered but not for me. I was honoured to be trained by my Master, Mdm K.Lakshmidevi. It was the greatest opportunity that I could ever ask. I still remember the first day I met my Master and had been offered to be her first chambie.
“….We will learn together…..” yes, that was her word who gave me warm welcome to be a part of the firm. Throughout nine (9) months, I learnt a lot not only focusing on legal field, but I learnt on how to face the real life in future.
We build our professional relationship till to date and still hoping that maybe one day in future I can get the opportunity to be a part of the firm again. Thank you to K.Lakshmidevi & Co for the opportunity, knowledge, skills, and good memories throughout my journey as Chambering student.

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Mohd Azlan Basri

It is a privilege to have learnt from a firm that has given me hands on training and all the guidance that I needed as a pupil. The experience in K. Lakshmidevi & Co was exhilarating as the task given was indeed with trust and guidance and not merely an instruction for the purpose to get something done. I never regretted my decision to start my career at K. Lakshmidevi & Co, the firm that encourage me to pursue my dreams and bring out the best in me.


It was an honour to be accepted as Madam Lakshmidevi’s pupil during those short but sweet pupillage. It was an eye opener experience to be able to handle cases closely with Madam who I personally saw as a strict and perfectionist lawyer in town. I also owed to the firm beloved clerk, Kak Ganesh of the knowledge about conveyancing matters. Legal practice might not be my chosen career path, but surely this firm provided me the best starting point in my working life.


Coryn Teoh

“I am grateful and appreciative of the opportunity to undertake two-month legal internship in the firm. I was provided with huge amount of legal guidance and support throughout the internship. I have undoubtedly learned a lot from there, and I treasure everything that I have explored and experienced. It was a great and happy two-month internship in the firm.”

Ashmini Gnanasegaran

“To begin my internship journey at K.Lakshmidevi was one of the best decisions I had made.
Here, you are exposed to the different areas of practice engaged by this firm which expands
the knowledge that you acquire in various areas of the law. Despite only being an intern,
Mdm Lakshmi ensured that I was involved with each stage of the cases from beginning to
the end and this help enhance my legal and drafting skills. It’s not just about attaining legal
and practical knowledge, it’s also about observing day-to-day running of a legal business. I truly appreciate and value everything I have learned here. “

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Kajendra Balan

Working under Madam Lakshmidevi prepared me for a future in the legal field. The firm specializes in many aspects under civil litigation and places a great sense of pride in its tireless work effort and honesty. K.Lakshmidevi & Co. provides the ideal workspace for young aspiring professionals to sharpen their skills and gain priceless front line experience. Madam Lakshmidevi has countless years of professional experience and an unparalleled work ethic. Under her guidance and patience, I was able to prepare myself for dealings with court and communicating with clients. At the end of my time with the firm I left with experience, knowledge and a heightened sense of respect for the profession. To learn under Madam Lakshmidevi was a privilege that is not afforded to many.

Unreported/Reported Cases

  • Tan Siang Chai v GB Auto Sdn Bhd (2019)2 LNS 1787
  • Karithikeyan Ramalingam & Ors v Selvarajoo Sinnathamby & Ors (2019)1 LNS 302
  • Tham Chee Ark & Anor v Santomas (2015) 2 LNS 1165 (2016)1 LNS 1400
  • P Vijeyrajkumar lwn DIC Compoundd (M) Sdn Bhd.(2014) 2 LNS 1313
  • Thomas ThanaPaul TS ThanaPaul lwn MIC Group Malaysia Sdn Bhd (2013) 2 LNS 0969
  • Elangovan Krishnan lwn QDOS Flexcircuit Sdn Bhd (2012)2 LNS 0056
  • Zulkifli Ahmad lwn Embo Wood Industries (M) Sdn Bhd (2011)4 ILR 555 (Reported)
  • Kor Chin Huat v Entegris (Malaysi) Sdn Bhd (2011) 2 LNS 0723
  • Mak Soon Huat v ladang Sin Hock Sdn Bhd (2011)2 LNS 0243
  • Johan Fibres Industries Sdn Bhd v Lavindran Munusamy (2007) 1 ILR 697
  • Tentumewah Sendirian Berhad v Lim Yong Lye (2005)2 LNS 1838
  • HTH Transport lwn Ravichandran Subramaniam (2003) 2 ILR 906d
  • Sunrise Phoenix Sdn Bhd lwn Md Isa Saad (2001) 3 ILR 422K

Contact Us

Messrs. K.Lakshmidevi & Co.
Advocates & Solicitors,
147 1st Floor, Jalan Tunku Putra,
Kulim, Kedah, Malaysia

Tel/Fax: +6044954861
Mobile: +60124080511


Contact Us


Messrs. K.Lakshmidevi Co.
Advocates & Solicitors,
147 1st Floor, Jalan Tunku Putra,
Kulim, Kedah, Malaysia

contact numbers

Tel/Fax: +6044954861
Mobile: +60124080511

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